Top 9 New Zombie Video Game 2019

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4.Dead Frontier 2

  • Platform: PC
  • Release:

Dead Frontier is a free-to-play survival horror game “really,” which is developed by a guy. At the start, the game doesn’t see to be doing well, but as a year pass, the developer adds some cool features that people liked, and honestly, it is developed by a single person, but the game seen to be entirely made by managing resources.

The Game was abandoned, and the people hated the developer, but the developer came back and maintained its reputation is admirable. Give it a shot and tell me in a comment whether you like it or not. war z

  • Platform:PC,PS4,Xbox
  • Release:

World war z is a kind of impressive chaotic level based zombie shooter game that plays like days gone but with immense zombies. Not joking the gameplay is pretty awesome as you get various accessories like rocket launchers, grenades to shoot the immense zombie coming at your way with a rage of destroying everything that happens in there way.
The gameplay is immense and ploying zombies, as shown in the movie. The combat is team-based with various objects to be completed at different stages to fight with this apocalypse.

2. Days Gone

  • Platform: PS4
  • Release:

Days Gone is a massive open-world story-driven zombie action RPG game. Days Gone also provides you to customize bike as a bike simulator game if you live the bike someplace, it stays there if you break it you got fix it because you aren’t getting another one.

The gameplay is most appealing as it not what you see in world war z where billions of zombie attacks on you. The game is pretty awesome as it gets better in the coming sequels of the game. So it is a game which should get on top of the impressive enjoyable on our list.

1. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

  • Platform:PC,PS4,Xbox
  • Release:

Resident Evil 2 should get most of the influence as it is the best game in the genre of Zombie-survival game. The game recommended you play with your earphones on as game sound effects are fantastic, and it gets more excited and helpfull when Mr.X is on your tail. As many people know, Mr.X is a devastating boss who can not be defeated but can be only be damaged, which eventually gives a head start of the 30s to run off.
Resident Evil 2 is the best zombie game that will horrify you as you progress in the story, and as it says, it is a top Game of our list.

These are the top 9 new zombie video game of 2019 which are best to head start your adventure in the zombie world as if there is a mixing any in the list we are Please to listen in a comment.

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