Top 9 New Zombie Video Game 2019

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You want to play thriving dead eater games that came into your nightmare; then, you came to perfect spot check out the top 10 new zombie video games of 2019.

9. The Black Masses

  • Platform: PC
  • Releases: Fall of 2019

The black masses is an open-world Fantasy Co-op RPG which best suite for the zombie genre. So what’s unique about these games, as the zombie hordes are built on the same technology as previous developer title ultimate epic battle simulator. That system adds up the parkour system, which allows you to use the environment for avoiding or killing the black masses or so-called zombies of the game.

Now i say you should try the demo of the game just released a month ago you would love these games. The game is supposed to be released soon, but it doesn’t have the official date of release. It thinks it should release in the summer of 2020. The game has a lot of ways to deal with black masses; it gives various mysteries to solve and a full world to solve the puzzle of zombies.

8. MEDIEVIL (Remake)

  • Platform: PS4
  • Release: October 25, 2019

Medievil is a remake of the 90’s game, which was released on Friday 25th October 2019. The game doesn’t get lots of attention, but the games look like a predecessor of dark souls. The game looks pretty awesome in the year 2019.

A new trailer for the game, highlighting the story of protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque, shows off the “remade from the grave up” graphics, which will be presented in 4K resolution. The game highlight story of protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque shows off the remake of 90’s graphics being presented in 4k graphics.

The game camera fixes on top of the player showing you the 3d views of the surrounding environment of the player and changes to the third person as environment changes. The game takes you to the puzzle environment appearing with various zombies that can be easily encountered by the striking sword with different moves of player. It gives the experience of a zombie killing game of the far 1990s.

7. Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbor Ville

  • Platform:PC,PS4,Xbox one
  • Release:

Of course, as a name suggest, the Battle is between Plants and Zombie .if you played it before, it’s a coop ar a competitive multiplayer game. It also has a singleplayer; it is also online, but as it says, most of the fun, in my opinion, is with multiplayer.

This version of the game got the best PvE zone. You can loot various items as it adds up a pretty interesting power-up. As far as this game is top tier for the multiplayer team-based combat between plants and zombies.

6. They are Billions

  • Platform: PC ,ps4, Xbox one
  • Release:

It is a steampunk strategy game where you build the city, or we can say community and of course, build a defense for protecting against zombies, not only some zombies but as the game name suggests a billion zombies.

The zombie appears to be a lot of on the screen, which is to be is a fun version of the game, but mostly, there is a lot of zombie on the screen which you would not except.

The game asks the question of can we survive after a zombie apocalypse, and it’s up to you to answer it.

5. Daymare: 1998

  • Platform: PC,PS4,Xbox one
  • Release:

This game is basically where a small town turns into a zombie land as there is hyper zombie, claw monsters, and lobster zombies “that’s something new.” it is an old school survival horror type game with lots of exploration.

Of course, various puzzle to solve and bosses at multiple stages it reminds you of resident evil. Daymare: 1998 is a basic game coming at near about 30$
price range so gives it a try.

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