9 Best video game endings almost no one has ever seen

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Have you ever played games trying hard and hard to finish impossible? You are just wasting life afterlife, and nothing works. It’s better to turn on the internet and go through the walkthrough and quickly pass the level of games, or you can forget to play and watch someone finishing the game for you to see the end. Mysteriously some endings are remained unended for many people. But today we bring you 9 Game Ending Almost no one has ever seen, Let’s check the ending of some games that we all know.

1. Flappy Bird

Dong Yuen, a Vietnamese, created this simple game. Developers managed to drive the whole world crazy in just a few days; according to the author, it only takes about three days to develop the game. Initially, it was named flap flap.

But there was already a game called flap flap on the app store, so the game name changed to flappy bird. Released on May 24th, 2013, with named flappy bird. Up to October, no one knows the game, and something magical happens. The game went viral with several social media shares people making memes and showing the frustration of the game, which was impossible to finish.

People started quitting this game. Even pro players would take half an hour to get even 5 points. But what about the ending of the game. With a huge score of 999 points, the character meets Mario “seriously” and suddenly the game ends. imagine the frustration of a player! such an end no one had imagined.

2. Pacman

In the industry of classic video games, Pacman is one of the most important games. Visually simple arcade game created by the Japanese company Namco and officially released in 1980.

The player controls the Pacman and eating all dots in the maze chasing by the Ghost with the random pattern. Initially, the Ghosts are slow but with an increase of level, the Ghost’s speed became intense, and the game became more difficult. but is these games have ending?

According to players, there is no answer to that as the developer says they never created ending for these games, as no one can reach that point. but the underestimated the popularity of the game some players passed 250 levels of the game which took them several hours and at level 256 the game has glitches that the developer didn’t know. Billy Mitchell devoted to the game had scored a perfect score of “3,333,360” points! really are you kidding me such a devotion? but what happens after level 255 check it out.

The left half of the is perfectly functional but right half filled up with a random set of colored letters and numbers but there is a way of passing these levels. after this level, the game starts with level 1 but Ghosts with higher speed and after these level, the games is over and go to the main screen. what! yes, there is the most disappointing ending you could imagine ever.

3. Battletoads

Battletoads is called to be the most difficult game of the 8-bit era. This game was so intense that people got broke their joystick. The game originally designs for competing the game teenage mutant ninja turtles but very soon it became the best selling game of that era.

In that era completing Battletoads was heroic. some players even say the Battletoads difficulty is outrageous or inbalance game. But all those factors make the Battletoads the best game, so what is the end of these intense games.

The final boss was waiting for the heroes at the top of the dark tower is dark queen. After defeating her she spins over the dark tower and flies into space and after rescuing princess all of them return to the ss vulture and the game ends.

4. Contra

Similar to all other games, the contra was designed to be a heroic game against the organization called red falcon, wanting to destroy humanity, which was controlled by aliens.

BILL MAD DOG RIZER and LANCE SCORPION BEAN are the heroes against the whole organization. They land on the island to destroy the base and save the world. But what was a showdown, the final scene of the games show a helicopter flying off the island blowing apart beautifully of course in an 8-bit game with a congratulatory message?





5. Donkey kong

Arcade game released by Nintendo in 1981 was donkey kong, where you have to move your character from a range of platforms and jump across varies obstacles. Here a villain is a giant gorilla; you have to save the girl from the gorilla names donkey kong. The hero and donkey kong became the most popular recognizable characters.

Donkey kong was the most important project of arcade video games and the most popular video game. You should stun by the fact that the game developer created three ending for donkey kong.

In the first ending, the hero saves the girl by dropping off the gorilla and defeating the villain. In the second ending, the hero defeats the gorilla by dropping on himself, and the lady left alone upstairs. What! Although in last ending the Mario drops the girl and reunite with gorilla after these you probably broke these game.

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